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100 Cross Street, Ste. 204
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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BMA provides consulting engineering services and is regarded as a consistent player on any design team. We specialize in the design of mechanical and plumbing systems with focuses on: system reliability, energy/resource conservation, and indoor air quality.

We work intensively on ensuring that the systems that we design harmonize with the architectural and end user requirements, as well as live up to our standards of environmental responsibility.


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BMA is an engineering firm specializing in delivering expertise in mechanical, plumbing, and building/energy management systems to commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial end-users.  We offer engineering consulting and design with an emphasis on energy efficiency, facility assessment and strategic planning, energy modeling and commissioning.  With over 25 years of market-leading experience in our field, we set ourselves apart by focusing our knowledge of design, deployment and execution of long-term strategic goals with a deep client connection. Our consulting services bring expert guidance to Architects, Facility and Energy Executives, and Building Owners to help them address a variety of issues and questions. By helping our clients to identify opportunities, define long-term goals, and develop organization-specific standards we create a roadmap to positive outcomes that is uniquely tailored to their goals.

Engineering is our bread and butter. Twenty-five years of design and successes punctuated by moments of trial and error have cultivated a design-centric team of people focused on accuracy and execution. We fully understand that our clients are not looking for a set of drawings from us—they want their building—and so do we. For us, design is about translating opportunities into reality. Exacting design that is functional, sustainable, and consistent are the hallmarks of BMA’s Engineering services.