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100 Cross Street, Ste. 204
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
United States

(805) 544-4269

BMA provides consulting engineering services and is regarded as a consistent player on any design team. We specialize in the design of mechanical and plumbing systems with focuses on: system reliability, energy/resource conservation, and indoor air quality.

We work intensively on ensuring that the systems that we design harmonize with the architectural and end user requirements, as well as live up to our standards of environmental responsibility.



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san luis obispo, ca

Mechanical Systems

Lovingly termed HVAC (H-Vac) - Ducts, pipes, chillers, boilers—we’ve done it. Mechanical engineering is focused on controlling the appropriate environmental factors in client facilities. Making the right calculations and giving the client opportunity to be part of the design directives, provides measureable targets to meet expectations. Our mechanical teams bridge the gap between design and construction. 

Our engineers love to design great projects. Highly-detailed coordination efforts with other team members leads to better field outcomes and a higher quality facility. We work with design teams from all over the nation. Our projects span the globe. Our reputation is built on the results of good design, efficiency, cost savings, strong partnerships, and attention to detail.


Building Management Systems

We often find that some of the most exciting opportunities reside in the application and advancement of building control systems. Creating responsive buildings that are energy sensitive is something that gets us excited. Strong industry connections provide BMA a front row view into the world of building automation. We think that by connecting our engineers to the operation of our systems gives us another opportunity to ensure success and save energy.

We like to help our clients connect to their buildings at whatever level they want. Whether connected on a mobile device or hard-wired, our engineers can design the optimal solution for our clients.