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BMA provides consulting engineering services and is regarded as a consistent player on any design team. We specialize in the design of mechanical and plumbing systems with focuses on: system reliability, energy/resource conservation, and indoor air quality.

We work intensively on ensuring that the systems that we design harmonize with the architectural and end user requirements, as well as live up to our standards of environmental responsibility.



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commissioning Overview

Often the life of a building and its systems is marked by a constant decline in performance or comfort, and constant increase in energy use. Nature calls this phenomenon entropy. BMA’s Cx teams engage with system design teams in order to ensure that every building system starts and spends its life functioning at its peak efficiency in top working order. Functioning as a key advocate for the project owner, our Cx agents create the connections between design and engineering, construction, and owner/operator.

Integrated and Enhanced Commissioning

Integrated Commissioning as a field has been kickstarted in California through the adoption of the CalGreen Code and the widespread acceptance of LEED programs.

Integrated/Enhanced Cx starts at the very beginning of the project and ends with training of facilities staff and a long term project follow-up. BMA uses an integrated approach to commissioning that not only ensures alignment with policy but also provides a level of oversight on systems and operations for the project owner throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Bringing a systems-level perspective to the operation of mechanical, electrical, and irrigation systems along with a close working relationship with the design and construction teams is a key component of the success of our commissioning projects. 


It is generally estimated that the U.S. building stock uses approximately 40% of all the energy consumed within the U.S. annually. That estimate is rising as building operations erode, and new buildings are constructed. We see cost savings opportunities hidden within most buildings. This can generate thousands of dollars in energy cost savings, reduce waste, and benefit the environment.

BMA takes a systematic approach towards uncovering opportunities and working with stakeholders to make actionable decisions about optimizing building operations, and maintenance practices.

Our toolset for RetroCx projects includes everything from Engineering roundtable discussions, energy use analysis, to leveraging our technology capabilities to look at operations analytics where we can assess your building from data down at the sensor level. 

Special Inspections

Like them or not, Special Inspections are a code requirement in California. BMA has performed hundreds of inspections on mechanical and plumbing systems. We work alongside owners, other inspectors, and contractors to provide inspections and correction measures. This is a necessary part of building today. BMA is a trusted partner on items such as:

  • Fire and Life Safety Device inspections
  • Fire-rated duct wrap inspections
  • Trouble-shooting