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100 Cross Street, Ste. 204
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
United States

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BMA provides consulting engineering services and is regarded as a consistent player on any design team. We specialize in the design of mechanical and plumbing systems with focuses on: system reliability, energy/resource conservation, and indoor air quality.

We work intensively on ensuring that the systems that we design harmonize with the architectural and end user requirements, as well as live up to our standards of environmental responsibility.



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Strategic Development

Our clients face a variety of key strategic decisions when planning and assessing new projects. Without a fully developed understanding of the available opportunities and challenges, it can be difficult to confidently make decisions to capitalize on opportunity.

BMA offers a structured approach for assessing stakeholder needs, identifying opportunity, and then translating them into a plan that drives team alignment and understanding. Whether the development process happens in a workshop or through point to point collaboration, BMA’s consulting services leverage the full horsepower of our engineering team. We deliver actionable plans focused on:

  • Master Planning
  • Mechanical Systems Strategy and Specification Development
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Building Management Systems Strategy Development

Facility Assessments and Inspections

Sometimes you need to know what to look at—or even, what you are looking at. We have designed thousands of buildings and reviewed countless equipment installations from chillers to building management systems. Our review teams take a holistic approach to assessments. With our combined systems level approach and comprehensive experience base, you will have the most accurate picture of your facilities systems and usage.

The opportunities uncovered in inspections can often save clients money, increase indoor air quality, and provide a higher level of comfort. Our surveys can be as general as providing an energy use assessment, and as specific as reviewing hydronic system piping, or sensor level data from building management systems. 

Expert Witness Services

We think that our current service offering and breadth of experience makes a good foundation for expert level input on mechanical systems. A technically sound, but practical layman’s approach, breaks issues down into understandable components and offers insight at the appropriate levels. Our strong communication skills backed by a coordinated team that includes a community of wicked-smart engineers enables us to answer just about any question regarding client issues with mechanical systems.




We think that the best buildings use the least amount of energy. Smaller space conditioning systems, less lighting used more efficiently, and higher satisfaction for end users all stem from an optimized approach to building development. We balance the energy-in versus energy-out equation to deliver instant feedback on decisions regarding insulation, windows, and site orientation. Our teams can provide data feedback on the long term impact of design choices. 

Taking a strategic approach to the interface between inside and outside can pay long term dividends throughout the life of a building and have a dramatic impact on the world around us. Early engagement is key to streamlining the path to building performance. Client decisions made at the beginning of their projects act as the foundation for all that follow; we want to help make sure those decisions are made with all of the cards on the table.